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Half a year ago I got an idea for a simple technical device that has the shape of a merkaba and contains a light in the middle. It resembles a lantern, but is spatially build with a tubular construction. The light emanating from its centerpoint can be directed into lightbeams in different directions over the lines of the merkaba. When directed over its horizontal lines, it can form a flattened hexagonal shape in space. By adjusting the lines one can also create other shapes.

Its purpose?
The purpose of the lantern, is to create the lay-out of a hectare on the terrain itself in a very fast manner. But it can be done in such a way that one can view and experience the lay-out being on the ground, and adjust it on the plot. A map doesn’t show the terrain itself and doesn’t give the feel of it.

Being physically in the field, one can simply catch the light in the air in the distance by holding up a piece of carton at that spot, and then mark it on the ground. One can then efficiently visualise if this is the lay-out one wants on that particular terrain! Probably this way wildlife domains can be set up in a fast way too.

quince pear

One can hold the lantern by a small cord connected to the upward point, so the lantern hangs level and the lightbeams that are emanating from its centerpoint are also level. The horizontal part of the outer frame of the lantern has a diameter of about 40 centimeters or 15.75 inches, to half a meter, or 1.65 ft. The instrument disassembled can be sent by postal parcel all over the world. The entire frame is probably made with material such as Bambu sticks, which makes it lightweight.

Distant reach
The distant reach of the lantern’s lightbeams can probably vary from half a hectare, to half of the length of an entire hectare village. With the lantern hold in the middle of a hectare, or in the destined center of an hectare village, the light needs to reach half the desired distance on both opposite sites, thus forming the complete distance together. The distance itself could be measured with a cord that has the desired length.

rose hip

Turning the tables
Wondering if the lightbeams of the lantern could probably be made with a small round lathe or turn-table in the middle. Hence, could this lathe contain small handles or gears which can be switched in the specific directions? Or could it probably have the shape of a small globe with many facets which guides the emanating light in different directions?

Me not being technical, I suppose we want to keep the design as simple as possible. And with the flower of life pattern as aim. Who knows, it might evolve later on -after workig with it in the field for some time- towards more flexibility for other geometrical designs?

Connecting to the grid
Ideally the lantern can either work on a solar powered battery and electricity. In rural areas or areas where disasters have striken, there might not be acces to a power grid. (Btw, we might also want to ponder on how we want to design our new energy power grid, with a new lay out for our hectare villages and flower of life landscape. But that’s another chapter).

Flower of Life
The measuring lamp is constructed for the geometrical lay-out of the Earth Hectare Grid. But yet, in the long run, after we have rebuild the land, the result is a flower of life pattern on the actual field. It has emerged on Earth by our co-creational activities. In those creative designs of every hectare-unit, we may find round shapes and curves for the lay-out of the hectares, instead of straight lines.

Envision that trees and bushes will grow abundantly over any straight line if you let them. Because indeed, nothing in nature grows in straight lines. Thus also from an airial view, the geometric hexagonal underlying grid won’t be visible. If anyhting of a pattern might emerge here or there, it’ll be the flower of life! Thus we can also call the device a flower of life lantern. Can you see the light emanations shining through?


Encompassing the Compass
There’s a little bit more to say about the compass (mentioned in part two), which aligns to the (magnetic) north of our planet. The magnetic north is situated around the middle of the Northpole. It is known that the magnetic pole fluctuates a bit.

But our planet is a living organism and some say even a conscious being. So probably we can accept fluctuation is part of the design? And thus this fluctuation will also be seen in a worldwide flower of life pattern that emerges. While writing this I got a vision of abundantly growing nature, abundant to such an extend that people almost do not know how fast to trim it back to normal proportions. LOL!!!

rose and evergreen prunus laurocerasus

With Compassion
There are however many ideas about how our planet looks like, seen from outer space. For example its shape, but also the size and form of all our landmass. Onother reason is how the cartography of our land and oceans have been measured and drawn. There are many different versions of it. Another is the position and movement of our planet within other celestial bodies such as the sun and moon. A we might also want to know how it is functioning in the galaxy as a whole.

For the latter we might even add some scienticific questions regarding time and space into the equasion! And some of those might even be answered only from a spiritual point of view. Got that? Therefore, to not get completely tied up with everything we do not know yet, my suggestion is to encompass our new compass with compassion!

Justicum Polaris
We may agree there are many ideas regarding the geophysics of our planet within the constellation of our universe at large. Most seem to view celestial navigation as a reliable method to travel from A to B. From ancient history the star Polaris is used for this. This North Star as it is also called, is an estimated 433.8 light years away from our Earth. It shines above our north pole as an invisble extension of the Earth’s rotation axis.

Because the North Star is so far away, and is obviously lined up with our planet, all other stars surrounding Polaris seem to circle around it, seen from our point of view. However according to astronomers, Polaris will very gradually move and be replaced by another emerging star for navigation in the far distant future.


Magnetic field
Polaris is seen higher in the sky in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere, everywhere seen from the latitude of the observer. If I’m understanding well, the rotating Earth axis is in line with the North and South poles of the Earth which are both covered in ice, the Northern part being a sea and the southern part on landmass, and the magnetic field is also responding to it.

It is known there are alterations in the magnetic field and some say it is the Earth’s Shuman resonance has been altering the last decennia. But these might just be temporary fluctuations… Personally I haven’t studied much about these things, hence I can’t comment much about it at this point. I have been pondering on another thought though, which might be worth mentioning as well.

Morphogenetic characteristics
The morphogenetic characteristics of our planet might have been changed, or are going to change, due to the recent environmental upheavals. ‘Mor’phè’ is Greek and means ‘form’, the genetic part is in this case how the form is constructed or being build up. This is on many levels.

With so much chaos happening right now due to all world wide events, these forms start to get being mixed up, which will bring Earth’s harmonic system out of balance. One known example of this are the changend sea currents and the melting of the frozen pole waters, and thus the mixing of different species, whereby delicate ecosystems are partially overthrown. This also leads to altering temperatures of our seasons. Indeed, we see many kinds of migratory birds no longer migrate to other places with the changing of the seasons.

-compare the lady’s small boot with the huge beets-
-everyday fresh food from your own vegetable garden!-

Morphological changes
Morphological changes may also concern the changing shapes of the Earth’s surface, e.g. because of mudslides after severe flooding or earthquakes. And oddly enough, even our languages change due to the worldwide internet and international television broadcasts, where lots of words from different languages are mixed, but might be a carrier of different layers of information and meanings.

Morpholgy is also a part of language study that deals with the construction of words through phonemes. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in a word that makes a difference in its pronunciation, as well as its meaning, from another word. Anyhow, this is a bit of quantum thinking also, to view reality being true from different perspectives. It might also make us realise the importance of language and the true meaning of words or something along those lines!

the joy of living

Water: Memory
Last but not least, some say that water contain memory (Masaru Emoto et al). Now with the ice melting on our planet, some of this ice might have been there stored for eons or something? And now more fluid water is released in our eco system. Could this also alter our conscious field a bit? This is quite unusual reasoning for the most of us (mind me, even for myself), but hey, we aren’t only of our physical bodies, are we?

Earth Changes
And how are the changes in these morphological fields going to affect us? Do they form the cracks through which our new future realities can be previewed? Can we stay focused on new horizons when there’s so much upheaval going on? Can we make use of an inner compass of some sorts? How do our new horizons look like? Is Peace on Earth possible?

Any way
Back to the flower of life lantern, the open frame of the merkaba structure makes it also easy to have a grip on the lamp to manually turn it in the desired directions. It can be created with whatever materials one has acces to! And it can be either used to measure hectares of land, but also function as a hanging lamp in or outside the house, in a garden or on a veranda.

pink roses

Space Of Love
Some people also call kin domains ‘Spaces of Love’, named by the previous mentioned author in his bookseries. And while it sounds a bit like stemming from the flower-power hippie era, these days we’re starting to realize that it might just be a good idea after all! For me, they truly are and must be! Spaces Of Love!

It is because we humans love to work and co-create WITH nature and each other, instead of against it. Ideally governments all over the world encourage and support this trend of their peoples living freely, happy and healthy on the land!

Farmers of the Future
Farmers of the future might be another topic to think about. How would they prefer to farm for the provision of cities and large villages where people live who aren’t managing hectares themselves? And can farmers worldwide help with agricultural equipment, such as tractors. Those might be needed in vast areas for rebuilding land. And how wonderful it’ll be when every hectare of farmland is surrounded by fruit and nut trees and evergreen trees.

walnut tree

Ode to our ancestors!
Are there farmers willing to get their tractors over to those sites and help villagers build a new living from scratch? Those farmers might even want to be a part of such a new way of living theirselves! And they can certainly provide a wealth of knowledge and be part of an advisory board in these villages where they can learn the people their skills and life long experience, sometimes even passed on by several generations. Ode to our ancestors!

All of us
Farmers and their knowledge and equipment might also be of great value in wildlife areas outside hectare villages, especially in dry areas in the southern hemisphere where waterwells need to be digged deep, as well as assist in the planting of billions of bushes and trees. This is the scale of work that needs to be done, but by all of us, not only farmers.

these flowers are edible too!

Who knows, sometimes miracles happen in multiple ways. Maybe you are one of those earthly citizens who wants to design your own hectare plot of land? Or would you want to be the initiator of a hectare village? Then this article might probably have given you some simple guidelines to start up a thought process about it, if you hadn’t already!

But it is also recommended to do further research by reading the books of Vladimir Megre (if you haven’t already). The first three are entitled respectivly ‘Anastasia’, ‘The Ringing Cedars of Russia’ and ‘The Space of Love’. That’ll get you started, plus the hundreds of scientific papers that have been written about the topics mentioned in them.

September 2th, 2020, The Netherlands.


December 21th 2020 Solstice Day!
Jupiter and Saturnus are clearly visible in our nightskies for the last week. Today december 21th 2020, they are at their closest to Earth (their new constellation in Aquarius). Combined with a solstice day, some say this happens only once in a thousand years, up to 1500 years or so. Thus this is a unique celestial event only to be witnessed once in a lifetime. A sign of the times also, backing up an extra influx of quantum solar energy with their powerful athmospheres and magnetospheres. An Amazing Grace it is!

For the love and light of this world
Then let’s take this quantum leap for the love and light of this world and the well-being of all. We’ve got to change our ways and bridge the gaps.
Please let us ask for guidance. God Bless.

Margreet Wilschut
with the birthname Margreet Otto

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