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This website is the result of initiatives of common citizens. And it is for extraordinary people! Besides, the information presented here could be useful for policy makers and people on strategic positions.

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Margreet Otto

The Dutch Margreet Otto is the founder of this website. She lives in the Netherlands and is a mother and grandmother.

Back in time, Margreet studied graphic design at the Academy of Art, travelled the world a bit, and also lived a few years abroad (Switzerland and the US).
You can read more about Margreet on

Our Team

There’s an uncertain future ahead for many of us due to world wide events, such as a plandemic, climate change, economic fall out, etcetera, which impacts many lives individually.
Probably the team is all of us who want to make this world a better place to live!

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We would love to board expertise for ideas to work on. You may be an ambassador, advisor or sponsor for some of those!
Please share the url of this website if you know someone who might be interested in the ideas presented:

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Very inspiring website!
Created from the heart and
with so much energy.
The content is beautifully worded.
Pictures well chosen. It is a joy reading it.

- Anonymous

Wonderful website Margreet, compliments!
Clear and beautiful message plan
and beautifully designed.
I hope many will discover this site.

- A friend

Well done Margreet. My Compliments.
I think the world needs it
and it’s about time for this
to come to fruition.

- Anonymous

We intent to live somewhere on a plot.
We really agree with the ideas on your site
and hope this will take over the world by storm!

- A Family

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