Happy Animals


The aim of this page happy animals and all subpages under this menu, is to ensure that all animals worldwide are guaranteed to live a happy life according to the universal values of their original existence on this planet.

Therefore we humans as guardians of the planet might want to look both at the difficulties they endure and the possible solutions. From giraffe to polar bear, from bird to sea creature and everything in between, all may need different help.

But how to go about it? Now in Holland, we always talk about the weather. So if you do not know where to start or have a lack of ideas, just make a remark about the weather. You will always get a respond! So let us start from here!

Weather Changes Affect Animals Worldwide

Climate Change?

We’ve seen it all happen by now, weather changes. And if we call it ‘Climate Change’ or not, as experts still differ in opinion when it comes to all underlying causes, it is a fact that in 2019, weather records were broken.

Storms, flooding and draughts
Collectively we have faced many disasters including vast storms such as typhoons and hurricanes, severe rain and flooding, the melting of our icecaps, and prolongued episodes of intense heat and droughts.

Forest fires
We’ve also witnessed the world wide forest fires, in the Amazon, Siberian forests and many other countries, where people had to encounter devastating loss, such as their own lifes or those of loved ones, and/or the loss of their homes and habitats, including wildlife.

Tragic loss wildlife
Sadly, at those same events where vast woods burned down, millions of animals have traumatically died. And in the first week of january 2020, the number went up to around a billion animals for Australia alone. This tragedy is immense for all living beings and involves deep suffering.

How to go about it?

Balancing Act

Even if these changed weather patterns haven’t balanced out yet, we certainly need to contemplate how to handle the new circumstances.

We might have to accept some landscapes will be completely lost and need to be built up again from depleted soil. At the same time we need to find a way to counsel and take care of those who have been impacted by the dramatic change of weather patterns.

Many might suffer from related traumatic experiences and have to find a new way of living. All of this sounds like we’ve got to perform some sort of balancing act. Thus, how can we help to our best abilities?

New Establishment

Animal Kingdom

New Establishment

Our foundation reasons we have to do our uttermost best to restore nature and our habitats. This is also for our fellow sentient beings, animals of all sorts, and basically for all life on Earth.

The establishment of the Earth Hectare Grid will speed up restoration of all these areas that have been struck with disasters. This is because the vastest amount of people are enrolled to do the actual labour of replenishing nature.

Animal Kingdom

But how are we going to deal with restoring the habitat for animals? We might have to come with a plan for them too! First of all, we may ask ourselves: Do animals have the right to live on this planet, and in what conditions? Can they have a happy and prosperous life, in accordance of creation?

We think it is possible. Therefore, we hope to come with a plan for animals too, which can be picked up by communities and hectares villages all over the world. They can guide us through difficult times ahead, and with the extra effort of many, we can be assuring ourselves that in the end, it’ll be all right.


Where do we start?


How should we approach the development of such plan for the animal kingdom? First we may acknowledge that we humans make a distinction between domesticated animals and wildlife.

Domesticated Animals
Domesticated animals share the same habitat as we do, often organized by us, whereby the larger domestic animals such as cattle or lifestock, live in stables or outdoors on land we maintain, and smaller animals such as household pets, live indoors or very close to our residencies.

It is in our human nature to be more aware of the domestic animals, as we take care of them, often in codependency, where cattle and lifestock are used as an economic factor in our foodchain, and household pets such as cats and dogs and caged birds are being kept indoors as our furry friends for the love of them.

But in the outdoors, especially those areas where nature is still untouched, such distinctions do not excist, as animal wildlife lives in natural symbiosis. This is for all birds, mammals, cold blooded animals and fishes in our waters, including all sea life! And on a smaller scale, not in the category animals, all insect species.



With vast areas of wood and nature lost, animals need to regain their rightful place in our ecosystem as much as we do. This is not only for wildlife, but also for domesticated animals with which we humans share the same habitat.

Dare to be different
And as we all live in different climate zones under unique circumstances, with a different set of animal species, every country or part of the world has to study, discuss and contemplate on their own.

Comprehensive task
Verily, a comprehensive task! But let us please be mindful, as we humans have the intelligence to act as guardians of all life on Earth, and should seriously consider using it.

Give Back

Animals have suffered so much from climate change and our human behaviour. Some species have gone extinct and many are under severe threat. Now it’s time to give back. Not only by providing them with food and shelter if we can, but also by restoring their natural habitat as much as possible. Let us pray and hope we can make it happen.


Newly Formulated Animal Rights
What will certainly be helpful are the newly formulated animal rights, which will have a major impact for happy animals worldwide if we are all willing to act on it for the good of the animals and ourselves! Please click on the button below to find out more!