Ground Rights Animals

This declaration is a charter of the need to promote and establish fundamental rights for animals. It is based on inspirations by Marieke de Vrij (see menu ‘rights of origin’).

These fundamental rights are unaltered, the accompanying explanations have been compiled, expanded, designed, translated from Dutch into English, and published online by Margreet Otto Wilschut.

In Dutch language, we also say ‘ground rights’ for fundamental rights. And that actually has a deeper meaning! This declaration therefore is literally named as ‘Ground Rights Animals’, because it appears this is what all animals need: ground aka territory of their own, and their right to thrive on it!

This charter arose because there are huge groups of animals on a global level that are not doing well. The entire collective field is supposedly filled with animal suffering. Especially right now.

The reason for this are major natural disasters worldwide, in which trillions of animals have died in recent years, where they have literally lost the ground under their feet and their habitat (for instance due to forest fires and floods), but also due to intensive livestock farming, and the way we sometimes treat animals on other occasions.


First it is needed,
to talk based from the principle
that humans and animals
are emissaries of God.

Which is to say,
that the Divine aspect of Love
between humanity and the animal kingdom,
and of course also through other realms,
works through itself.

This means that if humans and animals
tune in on each other in essence,
there arises a deeper understanding
for creational forces.

And that from these creational forces,
one more deeply revives what one originated in,
what could be translated as spiritual embodiment,

‘Creating inspiration down to the very fabric’




Certain Practices
Through certain practices, man hinders the natural evolutionary urge of the animals. Humanity does this by intervening and bringing about substantial changes in the animal kingdom.

This is done, among other things, through genetic manipulations and cloning, forced vaccinations, and the enormous mass genocide among the males of several animal species, such as male lambs (goats), lambs bulls (cows), roosters chicks (chicken), and male boars (pigs).

Male Animals
The male animal is of less economic use, and functions only for reproduction and accelerated meat production. However, animals wouldn’t never do that to other animal species. It is very unusual for animals to completely take the life of another species in such an unnatural way. But man is too little protective of animals by abusing their rights on a massive scale.

We Populate The Same Earth
However, humanity and the animal kingdom inhabit the same Earth, breathe the same air, in the same ether. Both need water and food. They know interdependence.
Together they form one collective field that affects every living being in it. During this time, however, the animals lose their natural innocence because of their prolongued-suffering at an accelerated rate, due to the aforementioned factors

This is described in more detail in the explanations of the relevant fundamental rights for domestic animals (menu animals).
This has to do with the fact that in the present time, we demand a much greater willingness to sacrifice from animals than what they actually want (and can) give us.

Beyond the Willingness to Sacrifice
Animals in evolution have always been willing to sacrifice a certain percentage for people, for their skin, for their meat, their milk, etcetera. But the extent to which we appeal to that today is totally…, well it goes FAR beyond their willingness to sacrifice.

In fact, there is even talk of a human threat, which has caused the unintentional destruction of various animal species through human action, which is nevertheless an offense against the animal kingdom.
However, this ultimately also has a disastrous effect on the people themselves. But how is that possible

Telepathic Abilities
Animal life is based on telepathic contact: in their hearing, in their sight, in their feeling.
However, we humans have communication through language, and also non-verbally, through physical expression. Thus when we’re closely connected to someone, the phone rings and you think, “Oh, my mom” (or partner, or friend). Some of us probably recognize this. Or you can suddenly walk around one day and think ‘Hey, it doesn’t feel like my daughter is doing well’. So we certainly know something about telepathy! Sometimes we just feel attuned to each other

Memory store in the Ether
And so for both animals and humans there is a kind of collective field, perhaps you could describe it as a ‘memory store in the ether’. Just like there is a lot of wireless telecommunications, we don’t see or feel it, even though it cuts right through us. It will be different when we have a device to register that


God duplicates himself, as it were, through all creations, by placing something unique in every creation, which can never be found in the same way in others. In animals, as well as in humans, as well as in other realms of life, a reflection is shown,
of the sum of His quality!

And if we do not respect every being that is created as a Divine emissary of His creative energy, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to learn from the wide variety of Divinity itself.



Larger Domain
Because animals have a greater telepathic grace, they can more naturally draw on a richly strung field, from which they can retrieve tried-and-tested memories to improve their living condition. Animals therefore draw from a larger domain of recognition than the average person is aware of, thus from the recognition that he (man) can draw from the human field. Well, that may require some further explanation

Emitting Regions
In the animal kingdom, emitting regions are active, where experiences are transferred or transmissioned in the collective field. In this way, every animal species develops a certain power intelligence over the generations. And the skills that have been lived through experience wise, radiate to other animal kingdoms.

Pyramid-like Structure
A kind of pyramid-like structure is going on here, in which abilities that are specific to certain animal species radiate to animal species that are not yet in those abilities.
This means that there is a sequence in the animal kingdoms.

In it, the animals can, as it were, release the knowledge of their inner life, and the experience fields associated with it, and release it to animal kingdoms that are paired to them, or which are energetically layered under them. As a result, those animal species are drawn back into their field of consciousness.

Impoverishment of Consciousness Field

That therefore means that if an impoverishment takes place within an animal species in the field of consciousness, that the other groups of animal kingdoms horizontally related to them, but also paired in terms of consciousness field below, get too little feeling for further development.

But animals are ment to always evolve evolutionarily. The same is true in human nature: those who are further differentiated developed, in fact form the level of education in which other people are raised, albeit quite unconsciously.

Lived Experiences
Lived experiences that arise from the animal kingdom itself, are at the service of other animal kingdoms. This is also more direct in the horizontal effect of similar groups. Just say that the similar groups fan out horizontally even more easily, than that it can be transmitted to lower evolutionary related groups that still have to pull themselves up to that field of consciousness.

This also means that in the coördination of consciousness fields on Earth, specific consciousness deals with animal kingdoms, and with the abilities that are displayed there. Because all faculties serve the whole, but also form a training school for people, and human development in general. But why is that so?

Reflection Measure of Consciousness
Animals always reflect something that is active in the subconscious of people. The measure of reflection depends on the measure of consciousness of that personal person. When people know  -but not from a ‘want’ and ‘have’ or ‘should’-  that they are particularly touched by animal species, they can also learn more about their own nature through a correct attunement!

Balance Younger and Older Animals
The importance of living together with conspecifics in the animal kingdom also concerns the balance between younger and older animals in the group. Older animals play an important role in the natural order and in the transfer of exemplary behavior to the younger animals.

Knowing what ‘old age’ is
If there are no longer any older animals in a certain group of animals, then the whole group is deprived of ‘knowing what old age is’. In addition, collective mourning among the parent animals due to the large-scale loss of newborns is also active.

Overall Malaise
When animals are no longer healthy enough, and suffer from general malaise because they have been overbred and caged for a long time, and they have been deprived of the zest for life, for example by taking away their babies and partners, and they are forcibly fed food they wouldn’t chose themselves naturally, they will apparently function well on the one hand, but degenerate seriously in other areas.

Fungal cultures and residual spores
For example, fungal cultures can become more and more accessible to the human body, because in certain animal species and certain products that come from animals, such as the meat we consume, the fungi have implanted themselves, with which we will get them into the body.

Moreover, the flesh still contains traces of the soul life of the animal that one eats. The way it has lived and the agony it may or may not have endured before it was killed is energetically stored in its flesh.

Shifting Realities
So there are always shifting realities that infect us. From very subtle to more serious. That is why it is so very important that animals can originally live healthy again. That we only make extensive use of what they are willing to sacrifice.

In any case, this means that large collective fields of animal kingdoms can regain a normal age, and that a certain measure is kept to what we ask of the animals in terms of willingness to sacrifice, and therefore bound by rules. It’s important that awareness is created about this, because we use much more than is still necessary.

Guardian of the Animal
That is why it has become necessary for man to take up again the essential contact, and the real task of man as ‘Guardian of the Animal’.

Marieke de Vrij says about this:

Awareness on a Large Scale
It is also necessary that these rights, which contain many specific additions, become widely known. This preferably takes place in conjunction with already existing and previously formulated rights of other organizations on behalf of animals. However, the 22 animal rights for domestic animals may not be altered in any way or form. Whenever these are used, the initials of Marieke de Vrij are placed behind them: ©MdV.

Acknowledging of Fundamental Rights
It would therefore be fantastic if all kinds of individuals, groups and institutions, especially the government, would recognize and acknowledge this. They can use and incorporate these fundamental rights for domestic animals as a guideline in their vision. In this way we can arrive at a truly animal-worthy policy.

But Now You may be Wondering:
Is that really necessary? Because everything is already so well regulated in the Netherlands, as well as in many other civilized parts of te world? And yeah, unfortunately things sometimes go seriously wrong, or rules are broken, which is unfortunate for the animals. But most animals have a good time here. So all-in-all, we’re doing pretty well, aren’t we?

Nature Intervenes
Well, humans are still too little aware of the mutual dependence between animals and humans. One has hardly any contact anymore with the real meaning that the animal has for man, and on a conscious level the bond with the animal is too often broken.

This is not possible on an essential level, which is why ‘nature intervenes’, as it were, to force man to recover. We can notice this in all kinds of catastrophes and the (already mentioned) diseases that occur among domestic animals.

Characteristics of the Animal
Things will have to change drastically. It will really have to be looked at how the animal in its essential characteristics can best come into its own and how it is served, and ultimately how it functions best in connection with humans!

Fundamental Rights Benchmark
The fundamental rights of the domesticated animal can fulfill a calibration function in this regard. It is a necessary step if humans really want to take up their task as guardians of the animals again. Thus the socio-emotional needs of not only the animal kingdom are restored, but perhaps also those of humans!

But Ehhh…
But ehh, can I no longer eat meat or eat a piece of cheese? Yes, you ‘can’ still eat meat, or drink some milk, that’s okay! But we put the ‘can’ in quotation marks, because who is one to prescribe another human being what to eat? Plus, humans have been eating meat since time immemorial, so nothing new under the sun in that regard.

On the other hand, the meat and dairy consumption used to be a lot more animal- and nature friendly than it is today. In some continents of the world dairy wasn’t even in the traditional menu (large countries such as India and China).
So there’s the caveat.

What Kind of Meat?
The real question is: WHAT KIND of meat do you want to eat?
Accordingly, we all have free will! So it largely comes down to what kind of meat you prefer.

They will be Thankful
Our rewards? (even for just considering taking these above mentioned small steps).

Thanks to our good efforts the animal kingdoms will recover again, and the ether atmosphere of the Earth will also be expanded and light up again, as it was originally intended.

Our mass numbness and ignorance to animal suffering will be lifted, because then we will be really connected again with all that lives.

After all, for all of us there is a righteous spot and place on this beautiful Earth.

Thanks to Marieke de Vrij
We would love to express our thanks to Marieke de Vrij, who had to empathize with- and ‘feel-through’ the afore-mentioned animal suffering over many years, in order to be able to convey this message. It is now up to us to actually do something with it. Someone once asked her what consequences the suffering has (in the long term), let’s say regarding to what humanity does to animals, and thus to humanity itself, and also to ourselves as humans?

Irreversible if we Continue
Marieke replied that in general she can say that this is very large, and irreversible, if we do not increase our concern for animals.
We are so exceeding the limits of animal sacrifice, that if there is no reversal at this time, animal suffering will hit us equally hard, because we will suffer from the degenerative diseases that animals today know (caused by us humans ourselves).

Virus Transfer
So then there will be virus transfer, for example animal food that we now consume can no longer be consumed by us without making us sicker, instead of healthier.
Things like that will develop if we don’t make a change.

It will also affect people who eat vegetarian or vegan, because the groundwater and the water cycle in general, is also burdened with an excess of germs, and also chemicals such as pesticides and household products, and thus end up in the entire food chain as well.

Fertile Earth

Man should be the guardian of all that lives on the Earth, and pre-eminently grow to it himself. To develop. When he is essentially subservient to that which the Earth needs, the Earth will also relate fruitfully to him!

When man turns to the animal kingdom for the purpose of learning what goes on within himself, the animal will reflect every unconscious element in him.

He who essentially reaches out, will rediscover himself through the perceptions he receives through the animal.

He who does not empathetically see the animal in its essence,
will not examine large parts in himself.



In-depth Exchange
So there is an in-depth exchange going on. Animals are present to survive on their own, and thus also have an intuitive innate right to take or leave other animals as prey, in a way in which races do not necessarily have to become extinct. And that is a natural evolutionary course. That balance needs to be restored.

Currently, many animal species are threatened with extinction at the level of natural life. This eventually leads to other forms of life from an evolutionary point of view. But that life will have less frequency of recall of what would actually have been normal and healthy for them. And at that level, a turnaround can therefore be expected, because the contradictions between natural and unnatural life become greater, if man wishes to prevent this. That is given to us to deal with it consciously.

Opposing Force
So when an opposing force is born in people to prevent this, it will be prevented, but if people do not wish to be moved into that consciousness, then this is the prognosis. Because if we don’t treat animals as they should naturally live, then WHO ARE WE?

And so the next question is, what do we want? Do we want the power and splendor of the animal kingdom to be destroyed for the greater glory of ourselves? We have free will. The choice is yours.

To conclude this declaration chart,
an inspiration from
Jules van der Veldt.
It’s called ‘Animals’.
He received this on
World Animal Day October 4, 2006.


In creation I moved matter and created animals,
in the spirit of the truthfulness of joy.

As examples of beauty. As a test of your ways. As a visible sign of loyalty to you as a human being. As a parable of your existence certainties. As shining examples of your essential characteristics.

In your movements to the animals, you recognize what is presented to you and what belongs to you. Whatever loyalty and trust you carry in you, you recreate the animal kingdom.

In all that you do to the animal kingdom, human existence multiplies in its good and bad wills.

So be in love with the animal kingdom,
that they may recognize themselves in you.






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