The 22 fundamental rights for domesticated animals have arisen in a unique way through the mediation of Marieke de Vrij. She gives inspirations through her great compassion and unique gifts, including sensitivity. She is also an author and counselor for various matters in our society. Many people feel positively touched by this! 
As a result, Mrs. de Vrij has worked on various subjects almost her entire life. This has resulted in countless meetings and lectures. There are also thousands of pages of text.
Marieke also founded the De Vrije Mare Foundation, www.devrijmare.nl. Several groups and ambassadors are working for this, which Marieke de Vrij supervises. About 25 years ago, the fundamental rights for domestic animals also presented themselves.

Because of the many inspirations in this regard, several partnerships have also been formed in the field of animal rights. Such as the ‘Ambassador Animal Welfare’ working for the De Vrije Mare foundation. This is Mr Wim van Oort, agricultural scientist (HAS 1988).

Mr. van Oort is also the initiator of www.dierenperspectief.nl, together with a working group that is committed to the welfare of animals, seen from the animal’s perspective.

The recently graduated legal philosopher Mrs. Janneke Vink, has further refined the fundamental rights of domestic animals.
The subject of her dissertation is about embedding animal rights in the constitution of the Netherlands. She has divided animal rights into seven categories.

Since these fundamental rights for domestic animals are also included in the foundation of the hectares-villages, they are discussed in detail here. A hectares-village offers a perfect opportunity to make both the habitat for people and the territory for animals greener, and to better coördinate all living spaces. 

On the animal rights page, the fundamental rights of domestic animals are written in capital letters. These are the animal rights as originally released by Marieke de Vrij. Her initials are behind every right, because these need to remain original and may not be altered.

And have you read the charter yet?
Margreet Otto has compiled this declaration from Marieke de Vrij’s many inspirations about animals. And that turned out to be quite a long text.

Because if you consider that the animal kingdom is many times larger than that of humans, and with a much greater diversity, then we should pay a little more attention to it, especially because the animal kingdom is not doing well, and even many species worldwide are threatened with extinction. That’s why.
And, maybe we can also benefit from it!


 Christa Merk Fotografie