Inspiration By Marieke de Vrij.


Promising things are nipped in the bud by a lack of endurance of those who enliven these things, them originally standing too alone.

This means that a collective field allows too little enthusiasm that is born from those individuals to illuminate this field in its collective form. The perseverance of individuals decreases when the collective consciousness becomes saturated and passive with a ‘never mind, let it go’ attitude.

This unknowingly leads to disappointment among those who have to be persistent in stature, so that their message is not lost. The commitment of many to free the collective field from a ‘never mind, let go’ attitude is necessary to be able to mark lighting in multiple areas, of a permanent nature.

Many become exhausted who have sustained the field upwards for a long time, for its renewal. When assistance is refused, much of what is meant to be, can’t illuminate effectively permanent in nature.

Therefore, be all-together fruitful to bring about the field of enlightenment, as the carrying capacity of one individual alone for this is lacking, despite persistent endurance.

© Marieke de Vrij