Dear readers. Many people are struggling in these turbulent times. That is why this article was written, for comfort, and encouragement. It is largely based on inspirations from Dutch author Marieke de Vrij.

Indivisible Whole
Did you know that we are part of an indivisible whole? There is a spark of God in each of us, and that light can never be extinguished. For God is indivisible, although it is divided into all of us. That sounds strange, odd to say the least. And yes it is.

You could think of it as a hologram, or a fractal if you will. In the part you see the whole reflected in it. As in a drop the entire ocean makes itself known. And one person is part of humanity. However, this is still an imperfect truth.

+1 factor
Because in each part is not only the whole, but there is a +1 factor! For everything created by what we call the Divine, is given something specific unique, which is not in any of the other creatures.

And that which is too great for us to imagine, the Divine, that which we give a name, but cannot know to that extent, has put something in us … And all of us must bring that to consciousness, so that thát which has created everything, knows itself reflected.

It is a very large phenomenon this. And that means that something deeply hidden in us resides so unique, given in such great respect to us, to the individuality of the being that you express as creation, that our journey through our subconscious field, takes us there.

And then we should have the courage to manifest it. And only then can we realize how deeply the Divine loves us.

So all that self-awareness, all that happening in which we dress more beautifully than we actually know that we are, has to do with our disrespect that God loves us. That we have already been valued.

The homeward journey
So it is the journey home to that which is already there, and to accept it in consciousness.

So that we dare to manifest it.

And now the question to you is: Do you dare?

To encourage, a poem by Marieke de Vrij:



You are all the dwelling place of God.
How can I wish,
that there is a split,
among those who serve Me?

All of you,
carries My Light within.
You all have the task,
to stand in your own inner way.

This is how your heart opens,
and see your brothers and sisters.
See how difficult this way is.
And how you need one another
in support.

No way so heavy,
or friendship
lightens her.

~ Marieke de Vrij


Please be the Light and Love you wish to see in this world,
Margreet Otto