Yes, spring is in the air! (for us in the Northern Hemisphere). And after a long and grey winter, when all of a sudden the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, while many flowers start blossoming, it brings joy and happiness for sure. But as we all know, humanity faces quite a lot of challenges right now. And personally, I think these are to such extend that they might give feelings of anxiety and hopelessness to quite a number of people, including myself at times… Thus, is there anything we can do about it?

Well, probably not.

A Metafor
What I usually try to do for myself, is to make the best out of every situation as much as I can, even when faced with adversity.

Also, we might want to compare the current situation on our planet to the birth process. That also rarely happens in a finger snap. And as the spring season is the true metafor of the birth process of nature itself, we could experience it as an example at the same time.

Outburst Of Energy
With its outburst of energy, we might have more succes in focusing on solutions for the wellbeing and health of all of us. This could include nature restauration, protecting the animal kingdom and last but not least raising our love-vibe for beautiful planet Earth.

Act Now!
Personally, I think we must act now and be very resourceful. For example, pilot projects for The Earth Hectare Grid might result in new insights and creative solutions.

A Wish Of Hope
For this, but also in general, a wish of hope for all of us, is that the energy of spring may renew our strength and courage. And hopefully it’ll lead us to experience more of our unity consiousness.


Margreet Otto

© 2019 | Margreet Wilschut