Today is the first day of Summer Time in Europe. We call it summer time although we’re just in the first week of spring. Summer time started this night at 1:00 a.m. universal time (UT/GMT). It begins the last sunday in march and ends the last sunday in october. In Europe all time zones change at the same moment.

Hence with this clock thingy, having to put it one hour forward… or back? Well, since I’ve learned of the expression ‘Spring Forward and Fall Back’, it makes it more easy to remember. Hopefully one day our planet will just stick to one leading time-zone, and also no more putting clocks for- and backwards. Universal time sounds good to me!

By the way, this first week of spring was very bright and sunny for a change! But we had a strong and arctic wind with it, and today it is almost stormy weather with strong ice cold wind gusts under a clear blue sky. Thankfully, we know from experience, we should’nt cheer too often with good weather in the Netherlands. And indeed, wet snow is expected for tomorrow (which would be the first snow for an entire year).

Those in the Southern Hemisphere might see the first signs of Fall and the shortening of daylight hours. Countries closer to the equator do not experience the seasonal differences as much as we do. If I’m right, they’re now somewhere in the middle of the two main Monsoon seasons, progressing from the North-East Monsoon towards the South-West Monsoon season.

Love to all and keep the spirit high!

Margreet Otto

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