Simple Words…

Recently I read these simple words written straight from the heart by Carlos Santana. Somehow they struck a chord with me. Therefore I have named it ‘Mass Compassion’. It is placed below. Now, after reading this, do you also think everyone should read this message?

There’s one point that could be added though. And this is, if you’re not a billionaire, you can still donate, even if it’s your last dollar, euro, roebel, yen or whatever valuta! And even if it’s not in money -cash or digital-, one can still perform good deeds. Some do not cost anything, or just a little.

Got that?

Then, on behalf of our beautiful Planet Earth, Humanity, the Animal Kingdom and Nature, Act!

Take care and have a blessed day!




by Carlos Santana

Submit your Request PRAY
with intense enthusiasm confidence trust believe
Knowing Without The Shadow of a Doubt
You Will Receive your hearts ardent Desire
I pray for All Sisters & Brothers living in
Tijuana Mexicali Tecate Laredo Juarez to have
Food Care Clothing Hospitals Centers that share
To Bring A Quality of Life  Peace Of Mind Joy
Confidence Clarity Certainty pure positivity
please look at What 3 Square Centers do
feed people by the thousands millions a year
I want this for Sisters and Brothers all over the globe
and Center that are called ‘SW’ self-worth
24 / 7 places that help humans be rescued from
the claws of despair misery sadness suffering
hopelessness depression Frustration
I invite from the center of my heart all
Billionaires to come forward and please share
your LIGHT SPIRIT SOUL yes your wealth too
let’s create a new world free of greed/corruption
come on weapons of mass compassion join US.


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