Because the Earth is polluted and in need of healing, very high vibrational frequencies are brought to the Earth from the cosmos to help heal the Earth as a substance, so that the gross energies of infringement are healed by high frequencies of subtle vibrations, which are healing.

But if the Earth needs that help, it also means that everyone, and the whole plant kingdom and everything that is on this Earth, is also touched by that high vibrational frequency.

That high vibrational frequency means that things that are unconscious, thus of a coarser nature, have to become conscious. Because that frequency keeps getting higher and higher, in the future you will have less and less distinction between subconscious and superconscious.

Because through that high vibrational frequency, the subconscious is opened up. People who are not willing to explore their subconscious, can at some point become completely shocked by what suddenly floats to the surface, which they no longer have a grip on. And then in the chaos of all that heaviness of feelings, they are no longer being able to give it a direction. But people who are consciously willing to just feel what comes into their mind from day to day, and what it possibly means, remain in step with the development.

And that is the step of development of the ever higher frequency level that the Earth needs for healing, but which also touches the human being, and is therefore in principle also healing for the human being, because the subconscious will become superconscious.

Namasté, Margreet

Artwork Daniel B. Holeman

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