Equilux instead of Equinox, what do you think? Equinox is a Latin word for ‘equi’: equal, and ‘nox’: night. As most of us know, it refers to the annual astronomical events where the sun is perpendicular to the equator, which happens twice a year. It is when day and night are of equal lengt all over the world. These also mark the astronomical beginning of spring and autumn.

But how about the days that are of equal length all over the world also?  This is not embedded in the word equinox. It is usually given as an extra explanation. But in fact that’s a bit strange, because all over the world, the number of hours of daylight are also the same. And then we are awake! And conscious.

Hence the change of the term with the Latin word ‘lux’. Because lux means light. And our light shines brightest when we live with love in our heart, intention, gratitude, and meaning.

In addition, the Latin lux also stands for glory, encouragement, explanation (in the sense of clarification), enlightenment, world, publicity (to bring to light), and day and clarity.

Lux also stands for a unit of measurement that measures how much light shines on a certain surface: Lux per square meter M2. (that is a different value than lumen, which measures the amount of light of the radiating object itself).

So here is a new terminology, it’s kind of rethinking language. Words are carriers of information and often have a deeper meaning. Thus Happy EquiLux! Because it works!

Share your light with the world!