This morning when I woke up I had dream images that flowed over in a beautiful vision. That’s why I’ll just call it that now. I stood in a large room, it looked a bit like a gallery room in a modern museum. The four white walls were somewhat low, and with the greater width of the room they formed rectangular walls.


As I watched a wall, images began to form on it, as if it were a wide film screen. And all around me, from the ground onwards I saw plants emerging from black humus-rich soil. After they popped up they sprouted stems and unfolded their leaves. Slowly everything grew higher and higher, and flower buds appeared on many plants. Other plants grew further and became trees. The projections spilled from wall to wall, so I panned to follow everything.


There was even vegetation from different continents, and the images of those flowed over into each other. And so on one wall I saw tropical greenery with trees and winding lianas and colorful birds and sensed fragances and many colors of the light spectrum, but also mediterranean nature with its sunlit meadows on hills where many grape vines grow winding upwards, and with those seashells on its pristine beaches that you can hold against your ear and in which you can also hear the sea…

…remember when you did this as a kid? And other landscapes from the more northerly regions showed spring-blooming shrubs such as the lilacs, the laburnum, and the wisterias, of which the latter two have  blossoms that droop luxuriantly, and all bloom with stunning beauty and overwhelming fragrances like heavenly promises.


The different climate zones of all parts of the world appeared in a somewhat columnar shape, but flowed on both sides into other zones, and each climate column had a slightly different color palette and liveliness to it. There was an almost unimaginable diversity and richness in the nature I observed.


The sunlight shone through everything, and when I turned around, again everything kept moving, the vines and other winding plants grew further upwards, and many flowers opened, after which colored fruits appeared on growing bushes, shrubs and trees. I saw waterfalls in the distance, lakes and forest areas and beautiful skies. It was one great budding splendor of an idyllic nature, but it was very realistic, it was green, oxygen-rich and vibrated with life force and vitality.

It was so incredibly beautiful, I’ve never seen before, not even in fairytale illustrations or something. They were images of the future of our planet, but what I find so special is that they are even more beautiful than I could have imagined.


Thinking about the vision, I suspect it is a response to what has been happening this last week of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Hundreds of forest fires are raging in Canada, which burns down vast woods completely to the ground, and also affects many residential areas. Therefore houses and buildings burn down, as well as the infrastructure and the communication networks. Of course this creates a tremendous impact on the residents.


These large-scale fires have created a gigantic smoke development that has even reached several states and cities of America such as New Yersey, Connecticut and New York City. Thus the smoke is spreading over vast distances, from Canada to New York is at least a 10 hour drive and spreads over almost half of a continent.


Many residential areas on the lands of the living, villages and cities are enveloped in a brown orange smoke fog. The pictures that the residents of those areas post on the internet are shocking and very poignant, and show what an incredible large-scale disaster has taken place.


The consequences of this for us are not yet foreseeable. It brings untold suffering to all those affected, including the animal kingdom, wild life, cattle and lifestock. Due to the scale of this disaster, it is inevitable that it will affect us all sooner or later.

Because, as the vision also showed, all nature areas are connected and overlap. This will also affect our food production for this summer, and air quality, but also housing and there’s a massive need for help with survival and trauma relief.


Therefore, all that remains for me is to call attention again and pray for the best outcome for Earth, humanity and the animal kingdom. Perhaps this vision is meant as an encouragement to reassure us that all will be well with the Earth and humanity in the end. Because to reach the state of nature that in the dream images rose from the ground (on all four walls around), would it perhaps require some cooperation, coordination and co-creation?


And could that mean that we are all going to reach a more balanced civilization after all? This gives much hope, doesn’t it? I can imagine that many years will pass before nature worldwide is fully restored and flourishes. But there are plants such as hemp and comfrey that can speed up this process tremendously.


As many people know these are great soilbuilders and natural fertilizers. They can provide oxygen and enhance the food production in just one season of growth. If there is a coördinated effort world wide, this way we might be able to support nature’s regeneration and the restoration of our habitat much faster.


But perhaps it will take hundreds of years before humanity on a large scale is willing to live with respect for nature, to take from the land but also give back to the land, and with a little respect for each other? So all we can do is our best, don’t we? Thus I’m hoping for more blessings for humanity! But these always come from above, right?


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