This article elaborates on essential currencies which will ultimately make us happy. It explains first why the current currencies are outdated if we invest them in the wrong way. It is because there’s a huge difference between a medium of exchange and a revenue model that achieves infinite growth in profits, but only for a few. And it is also because there’s the necessity for essential values ​​for life and survival, for us individuals, but basically for our planet at large as well.

Current Currencies

Unfortunately, the current currencies do not provide for that. To clarify, these are monetary units such as euros, yens, yuans, dollars, pounds, gold- and silver metals, or abstract digital currencies such as bitcoin and all of that. As we can see in the economical chaos that has been created on this planet, hundreds of millions of people live in dire poverty, or are merely surviving instead of thriving. Many of them experience severe hardships because of this. How sad it is!

The worldwide restricting regulations established by our governments concerning their announced pandemic in 2020, have made matters even worse. Is there a way out of this chaos?
Yes there might be a way. It might be through the establishment of essential currencies. As the matter of fact, these might even accomplish some other pre-existing ideas, such as a Universal Basic Income (UBI). But, installing the UBI alone by itself isn’t the complete answer!

Essential Currencies

What are essential currencies then? It is kind of simple, yet part of a dazzling miraculous reality. They are the resources for our first basic needs: clean air, pure water, fresh food, a roof over our heads and a social community. The latter starts with a family and expands into society. These are the first five basic and essential necessities of life.

They are the primary conditions for survival and happiness. If you don’t have these, you might posess all the diamonds and gold in the world, but how are you going to live?


Think of Maslow’s pyramid. Its widest foundation at the base contains the prerequisites upon which the rest of Maslow’s pyramid is built!

(slightly adjusted)

Hereby the text from top to bottom:


empathy, compassion, helping others

personal growth, creativity, self-fullfillment

beauty, order, symmetry

knowledge, understanding, self-awareness


reputation, status, self respect

love, belonging, communication, intimacy, social interaction

protection, security, healthcare

air, water, food, shelter, sleep, free land to live freely on, (suggestion: a hectare per family), etc.
So the slight adjustment is at ground level, among the first Basic Needs at the Physiological needs.
It’s a suggestion basically.

Restoring self-sufficiency

Thus in a way, it is a matter of truthfull organisation. Because we must restore self-sufficiency in our basic physiological needs. By restoring these fundaments we regain control and power over our own lives. This is better instead of giving our labour away (or involuntarily relinquishing it) to unfair economic revenue models.

These economic models include all large organizations and companies such as multinationals, NGO’s and our controlled governments. They invented the rules and regulations regarding their- and our incomes. Unfortunately, today they have far surpassed a normal and dignified existence for the common people, although originally intended for that (based on the honesty of the people).

The skies which have no limits

Think of the far fetched tax systems, some of those large shareholders businesses for whom the skies have no limits, and bizarre derivative constructs that no one knew even existed or understand how they work (except those who earn large sums from it, thus who basically steal indirectly wealth from the unaware masses).
We will no longer accept this lunacy, or do we? Although many have already stated it, this truth must be said and shared again and again, until the actual change for the better has been established.

Your real assets

Now what are the true basic physiological needs derived from?
Yes, everything comes from LAND. The ground on which we live is the condition for all that, but only when it flourishes in relation to nature.

The good news is that for every person and every family there is enough land available on this planet. FREE. It is a basic human right to live freely on the land. It is also a right for the animal kingdom to live on the land and in natural habitats.

Therefore the LAND should be redistributed evenly within all countries, among all of Earth’s inhabitants. Hence we have to organize ourselves differently in order to create the world we will be happy to live in.

Establishing a heir tradition

How can we go about it? Well the following might be a way to go. It is about the concept of establishing family-domains in hectares-villages, as described on this website.

The question is how to transition from our current organised society which seems to have reached its dead end, towards a society that revives our way of living in a truly fullfilling manner? Thus in tune with nature’s rejuvenating cycles, co-creating a glorious future ahead? That’s what we all want basically, isn’t it? And for that, we need land. Land that will be managed by families which will be inherited by the next generations.

Provide for CitYzens

The key for proper distribution of wealth might be with those who own vast parcels of land. These sometimes consist of hundreds of hectares. In large countries or world parts, there are some large-land owners who even own hundreds of thousands acres of land.

What large-land owners could do?

First of all, these landowners should be willing to provide partly their harvest to those who live in big cities. Lets call those citizens different for this purpose. Those coming from big cities, we’ll call them citYzens.

How about the heirs?

And secondary, for the future, large-land owners might want to share their land with those who want to establish family-domains or with small scale farmers. This means also that the heirs of the large-land owners will not herit the entire thousands of acres of land, nor for economical value, nor for leisure value.
And the question rises also then, how their heirs can settle on their birthground if they want to remain there? We might even want to know how they can settle within a hectares village if there’s going to be one built on their birthground?

But why these questions?

It is because citYzens own no land at all, and live in vast concrete conglomerations. Oftentimes citYzens pay high amounts of rent or mortgage only to be able to live on this planet. ‘Shelter’ is grouped in Maslov’s pyramid as both one of the first basic needs, to be more precise as a ‘Physiological need’, and as one of the secondary basic needs, considered a ‘Safety need’.

Free Shelter

Lets elaborate. In most climate zones on this Earth, without shelter, we can’t build a living, it’s that simple. Thus we may conclude that shelter is also a basic human right. Then we may ask ourselves: Why are we the people charged for living on this planet? Why do we have to pay other fellow human beings for our shelter? Why do we have to pay other human beings to live on the land? Is their land theirs, because they say so? Are these beings more worthy than us, to make these decisions for us? The more we think about this, the more we might realize what a great nonsense this is!

Nothing left

Here’s why. Those who rent for two- or even more decennia, will have nothing left when they move house, no profit from the rent, no posession of land either, and nothing for their children to inherit, probably only a small amount of savings on a bank account, but oftentimes not, and nowadays oftentimes in debt.
It should be mentioned that nowadays the rents for rental appartments and houses are ridiculously high, and have grown into a revenue model, both for the housing companies AND the government. How fair is that?

Debts against high wages

Other citYzens who pay high mortgages might be in debt for the rest of their lives due to unfair mortgage constructions and/or the loss of jobs or businesses of one or even two partners.

While the next citYzen on the other hand, might work as a high ranking official at a bank, who has a very high income, with which he or she could probably maintain a few families for the rest of their lives, and thus sees and experiences no problems with the construct of society in general.

He might earn this income partly due to the taxes and/or lease of land paid by those large-land owners to the banks and governments, and also get part of his income from all the rents and mortgages transferred to the banks and housing companies (who in their turn also pay high amounts of taxes to the government). Get the picture?

Building wealth and health

To summarize, the economic organizational structures of our societies are way too complex, are in a wrong way intertwingled, and are unfair for a vast group of people who can’t build wealth and health through earning even the most essential currencies. This is because they have no land to freely live on (remember: clean air, pure water, fresh food, a warm house and family, and living within a social community). This should alter and it will alter.


Do we need a rainbow bridge somehow? A bridge to another world, which may actually be our future world (and one day, the other realm if you believe in that!). But as to our current situation (2021 and now 2022), when I speak for myself, I have no clue as to HOW we can get out of this mess created by our societal structure…

Because HOW can we alter it towards a higher goal for ALL OF US  ‘earning’ our essential currencies in an honest and decent manner?

And how to move the masses in order to do so? Asking this because we all should take our individual steps towards this higher goal!
I guess we need a rainbow bridge!

Right there!

We just went over the above rainbow bridge!

You are now here!

How does that feel?



Yes how does that feel? Or should the question be if we are still looking for that Pot of Gold? Are you familiar with that expression? It is said to be found at the end of the rainbow. The story about this pot of gold at the end of a rainbow might even have a bit of truth around it.
(source: discovermagazinecom/planet-earth/the-surprising-truth-behind-a-pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-a-rainbow).
In the past, probably 100 years B.C. and in the late Iron Age, coins were minted in such a way that they were slightly hollow. Later on, sometime between the Middle Ages and the 18th century, coins of this type earned in German language the nickname ‘regenbogen schüsselchen’. This translates as ‘rainbow cups’. It’s a fitting name for bits of gold that were often stumbled upon in plowed fields after a particularly heavy rainfall, when also rainbows occur when the sun shines through the clouds, thus there’s a particular hue of light. The concave shape of such coins may even have allowed rain to pool within them, reflecting the sunshine and making them easier to spot. So for gold diggers, rainbow weather might probably be the best circumstance to look for gold, even if those pieces aren’t coins! So if you can connect those dots, than another question might rise.


And even better: HOW TO GET LAND FREE?
How will the majority of the people get acces to their plots of a few acres each, to manage it freely and succesfully? Who will take the iniatives? Can we each take the leap over this rainbow bridge towards our future in a responsible manner? Where there’s a happy place for everybody? To answer this, we might also want to ponder on the heirs of large-land owners. For instance, how can their heirs settle within a hectares-village?

Settling within a hectares-village

To be more precise: only two children of a large-land owner are allowed to settle with their families on that particular land. And it should be no more than one hectare, thus two and a half acres per descendant.

So those two descendants inherit only two hectares of land on their parents’ former vast estate of perhaps hundreds of acres.
The remaining land will be distributed in hectares to other citizens outside the family, with the purpose of establishing family-domains and hectares-villages.

Respecting family history

The reason why only two descendants may inherit a hectare of land each, is to prevent one expanding family from dominating the population in an eventual hectares village or in the very close vincinity.
But the two mentioned children will get the first choice as heirs of that land, for each of them to opt for two and a half acres on their favorite spot. This is because of the family history that has been built there (sometimes through several generations for even more than a century).


It is also important to realize that in this new world after the rainbow bridge, the land itself has no longer economical value. It can’t be ‘sold’ nor ‘bought’. It can only be directed to individuals and families who want to establish their family-domains and manage it well. The harvest from the land may be partly of economical value though, but again: not the land itself.

Suitable heirs

Now what if there are more than two descendants as heirs in a household family, who also want to manage a hectare of land? The idea is they should settle in another hectares village. Which of the siblings apply to remain on their homeland or birthground, should be decided by the parents or landowners theirselves.

A general rule might be that the two oldest children have the first choice. This is often how it was done in the past, when one of the children takes over the farmers business of their parents. There’s also a logic behind it, because usually the oldest are the first ready to settle. And it may include inheriting the parental house that is on the property.

As you can imagine, this can sometimes be a challenge when more descendants in one family want to herit the land and the house built on it. Sometimes a situation evolves naturally, e.g. one of the children has a great interest to take over the farmer’s business, while the others haven’t. And this might probably be not the oldest as well. The oldest might not be ready yet, for instance due to studies, preferring citYlife, work abroad, or moving to his or her spouce’s herited land, etcetera.

Drawing lots

When there are more suitable heirs opting for their family ground where they grew up on -their birthground-, what could be the challenges involved? Ideally the heritance should be negotiated well. Besides the options mentioned above, there is no general rule of thumb, because every situation is different. When more possible heirs want the same plot, yet another option is to determine the heir by drawing lots.

The outcome might require for the ones that didn’t win the lot, the realisation and acceptance that life sometimes has other plans for us, and we are destined for another route. It is also because the remaining land from their parents as previous large-land owners, is for all other families outside their lineage, who want to create a balanced living within healthy communities.


How can we proceed best with the redistribution of land? For the coming generation, redistribution of land has to be regulated through supply and demand. We can imagine it’ll be a gradual transition of give and take, where we need to be creative and inventive here and there. Personally I believe this is possible to happen in a joyful manner for all involved. It requires the insight that wealth is for all of us (and not only for the very few). And BTW we must all fill our hearts with love and light. What do you think?

One hectare is sufficient!

Here is the thing. One hectare is sufficient for every family, really! Especially when embedded in hectares villages, families have a high chance to survive the current economic chaos AND thrive! Why is this? Because the hectares-village is  the whole that is more than the sum of its parts. The parts being all individual family hectares, the beautiful kin-domains, those spaces of love!

We must however realise that things might be complicated when there are very few resources present at the hectare plots (such as chemically depleted soil, the absence of food-trees, no waterbodies, etcetera).

Thus it might take a while for problems to get resolved and to rebuild quality of living. And when there are no sufficient funds, even a decent civilized living might be far fetched for some time.


We all know the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, and there is something in it, although the loving parents are the first and foremost ofcourse!
But it also takes some time to build a village, and therefore the pioneers might have to be very creative and keep on dreaming their dreams, and working towards their goals, even although they consist of small steps, until they have become reality.

This might probably take a few years or even a lifetime, depending on the situation. For instance, it takes 30 years to fully grow a hectare with a food forest (fruits and nuts), herbal- and vegetable garden, grow crops, build a house, create a pond, manage a bit of livestock, etcetera.

Take the land!

But how to get land? We the people should take our land! Or shouldn’t we? Because it is simply our right to live on it in prosperity. The land however can’t be owned and can’t be payed for. We can only manage it to the best of our abilities and leave it behind properly for our beloved children and grandchildren! This is the new reality we have to face,
AND TO CREATE. It is the only way.

It looks somehow, this family found that pot of gold. They stopped chasing it at the end of the rainbow, for they realised they would never find it. And when they started living freely on the land, all of a sudden, the pot appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of that land, and they let one of their children just jump over it. And you know what is even more amazing? There was a bee who witnessed the whole thing. And this bee herself also found her pot of gold. What a splendid synchronicities. So basically everybody is happy!

Change our ways

We need to go back to our origin of life. We need to have the willingness to let go of the old and obsolete economic revenue models. Yes, it has done wonderful things for society at large, but has also created a lot of suffering for those who couldn’t cope with the extreme high demands of those economic revenu models.

The current major big cities in the world, need to shrink drastically in size, probably to 1/10th of their size, which have been expanding like crazy over the last five decennia. All this concrete has reached its limits for sure. We have to change our ways, be it voluntarily and willingly, or not.


You see, air is free, water is free, the food we produce ourselves is free, the food nature produces abundantly if we let it regenerate is free, our land is free. We are born on it, inheriting the land is our birthright. Establishing family-domains and hectares villages is a new way of life. Thus we the people are free!

Yes, in the short term there will be simplified monotary systems to regulate financial transactions. Most likely this will be without the mechanism of interest calculation. This is the 21th century yes. But can it be done without letting people taking back the management of the land? No, only half way at its best. Because our new economy will be truly resource based. Thus in line with this article, you might also find the essential currencies of
The World Value Bank interesting. Have you read it yet?

Thank YOU so much!

Thank you for reading this and for your understanding. It would truly be appreciated if you can bring this to the next level through your own expertise, profession, and life’s experience. Lets stir this plan in the right direction! Whenever and wherever we can. We all posess a piece of this immense puzzle. And it is for us all to manage a relatively small piece of our planet’s immense agricultural landmass! According to some calculations, there are theoretically 2 hectares per person with the current human population on Earth. Lets make wise and peaceful decisions about it.

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