International Equilux Day!

Yes, today is official International Equilux Day!
 The day which has an equal amount of daylight-hours all over the world!

As we all know, the 21th of March is the standard date for the Equilux (traditionally named Equinox), but the exact celestial time differs. According to experts the culmination point was actually yesterday at 4:33 PM. Others say it is slightly earlier but not noticed as such due to the refraction of sunlight through our atmosphere. Oh well.


In the Northern Hemisphere, this is also the start of Spring. In a way it is the start of Nature’s New Year, where we can enjoy the energy of the increased sun hours and -strength, for renewal and rebirth, and where once again, cosmic rays are downloading through plants and trees with supercharged creational forces, expanding energies all over our sphere. Let’s celebrate life!


Whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time for Nature’s New Harvest! The joy of the harvest in autumn or winter (for some parts of the world there’re only two seasons a year), which we humans can create in abundance by complying to- and coöperating with nature. E.g. by taking care of our environment and habitat through millions of people, a hectare each family.


Also those in the Southern Hemisphere can now collect seeds from trees!
This is the time of year!
Especially due to the floods and forest fires we’ve seen on some areas all over the planet, it is of extreme importance to preseve our future habitats by collecting seeds.
Why is it important to pick original heirloom trees, preferably from primeval forests?
It certainly shouldn’t be seeds from oftentimes patented cultivated trees, which might grow a bad quality trees -although the mature trees might look nice-, and which seeds will not propagate properly.

There are a few examples on this website’s page TREES, of seeds and nuts that can be collected. My apologies for this page is not translated yet, but the pictures can be viewed, for instance on the page NUT TREES.
Btw, the same page on TREES: BOMEN  is also in Dutch language on the Dutch website about Hectares-Villages.
Very curious what the tree-seeds and -nuts are like in your part of the world.
Have you managed to propagate them?


After the harvest, nature’s energies will contract further, in some areas of our planet we’ll see fluttering leaves from deciduous trees & less work to be done on the land, giving us time to relax and focus our energy more inward. Now we can contemplate on what we want to establish for ourselves and society in nature’s next cycle of creation.

Do we want to co-create? Let’s celebrate life!


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