The 23th of July

Today is Earth Day! Every year more people celebrate this day, as many start to see the importance of it, and to just enjoy the beauty of living on this magnificent planet, as well as each others company. Nothing more important than that, isn’t it!

Last year on the previous Earth Day, an article was written on how it came into existence. You can read that here: EARTH DAY!

And… are you celebrating Earth Day today? The Earth Hectare Grid certainly encourages everybody to do so. Please go into your garden, or if you don’t have one, take a walk in the park, in the woods, or along the coast, and reflect on the importance of life and sharing your time with loved ones. Have a good laugh too!

Might update this article with some pictures of today later on. In case you don’t know, the depicted plant & vegetable is a zucchini, we call it ‘courgette’ in Dutch language. I have planted it a few weeks back, together with a few other courgette plants and two pumpkins. Yet the latter still have to grow larger, as the previous young plants were eaten by snales, and I had to start all over again (it takes two to three weeks to grow a young zucchini plant, and summer had already started).

Yeah, one has to feed the soil with good compost and fertilizer, which I hadn’t, I just decided the very last moment I wanted to grow a few veggies. It so happened because I do not tend a vegetable garden this year (you know, a garden such as the Russian ‘Dachas’), due to no ground being available (how annoying, to say the least!). But I wanted my grandchildren to plant the seeds, help building the soil, and water the plants, so I decided to just plant a few in my small yard. They loved it! They are 4 and 2 years old. So I had to fix the problems and learn myself along the way. But here they are.

Have A Great Earth Day!!!


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