Recently, Marieke de Vrij shared a message for the new year. It’s called ‘Jaar boodschap 2023’ in Dutch language. Margreet has translated this message in English to also place it here so that those who might be interested can contemplate on it. And if you feel called to contribute to the larger scheme of things by being of service, you’re free to do so!

Here’s why, 2023 might become an extraordinary year, and everything that aids in making the world a better place to live in, lets try our best to make it happen!
Thus, 2023 what can we expect?

By Marieke de Vrij:


2023 is a significant characteristic year where many things show themselves in complexity. In which things are not transparent, and in which people contemplate a lot without knowing the outcome for sure.


Within all attempts at mediation that take place worldwide to invoke or maintain peace, the inner mood of people above all plays a characteristic role here.


Many are appalled and try to curb this, as their emotional field otherwise drags them into reactions that do not benefit others and themselves. This means that having arrived at this cardinal moment in time, many people also experience (spiritiually) ‘heart murmurs’ in themselves. One does not dare, as it were, to breathe freely, or to believe in a future for all that can be bright and cheerful, in the sense that people can also take up the opportunities that can be offered.


One tries to soothe oneself, to free oneself from uncertainties. However, on a deep level, all this gnaws at the conscience, in the sense that the deeper knowing in man is destined to consider the greater collective field indirectly present in himself as well.


One cannot, therefore, literally or figuratively, put the finger on the sore spot. People are sensitively aware that not everything happens without turmoil, which turns out to be so complicated factually, that people are seriously looking for solutions, but can also get entangled in this. This is because people cannot really oversee things at this moment in time.


It means that man should admonish himself to rest, to positive reflection, to illuminate his own field in serenity. In which one’s own human experience must be based ever more deeply on ‘being’-experiences. Only then will the unrest in the larger collective field be calmed down. And things will turn out to be less complicated and nasty than what is currently happening.


One individual seems to be unable to do anything when matters worldwide scream for attention. However, man is capable of a great deal when he deals self-consciously with all the news that comes to his attention. Whoever keeps the heart open and stills turmoil, and embeds himself in peace, ultimately creates peace in a greater sense than for himself alone.


A human being who is soul-conscious of his origins and inwardly realizes that although he is human, he is inwardly ensouled by a greater spiritual life, and that this spiritual life continues, beyond the time in which he is placed, he then works on his spiritual well-being. Because he is aware that everything is built up from the spirit down to the material.


And there where the spirit manifests itself essentially in the spirited human body, and in the beings created like him, who can live as best they can an inspirational  life, the more peace approaches in a greater perspective than what you can now comprehend.


Therefore be always willing inwardly not to reduce yourself, but to prepare yourself for the greatest act of humanity, namely to go with heart and soul where discontent reigns. You can travel inwardly when you feel destined to do so, to areas of the mind where tranquility should be present to help the distressed. You are capable of much more than you think.


And realize that each of you has been assigned immaterial guidance to demonstrate this great act of humanity where it is absolutely needed. For in the immaterial world one does not contain a human body. They can, however, fully support the people who declare themselves willing to do so in their spiritual presence or their physical presence in places where this support may be deemed necessary.


So be willing to make your inner body available for this purpose if you feel yourself called upon to do so. And in this, do not despise yourself, for when your own spirit actually calls yourself into this, then you will receive all the protection for this from the immaterial realms.


Finally, where the world seems more complicated to you than before, you should remember that human history on Earth has had many phases, including previous phases of war and violence and many imperfections that man has experienced. Even then people learned to relate to this. And people have been able to make new frantic discoveries from here to help humanity move forward.


In every time fragment on Earth in which much is happening, this also prepares the soil for a new kind of life concerning all. Therefore, be the germinating seed yourself and be aware that you are capable of much more than what you have now imagined.

So let the Divine surround you and the Envoys from the immaterial world, because you are enabled to do what you know yourself to be called upon to do. So it has been said unto you.

End of New Years Message


After Marieke shared this message, she stated: This was an intense message that I just heard. I will also let it continue to work on myself, I hope you will too. And of course I wish you a very good and fruitful new year 2023: a small dot on a large time line (or time frame) in which humans on Earth are already living. But it depicts a significant period when change becomes active and cooperation with the immaterial world will be increased, to prevent more trouble. Thank you for listening to (and reading) this message.

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